October 14, 2020

New Integration Will Bring Visual Collaboration into Zoom Meetings

Thomas Shields

Sr. Product Marketing Manager @ MURAL. Aspiring imagination worker. Purveyor of dad jokes. Lives in Atlanta with his wife, daughter, dog, and cat. On twitter @tlshields.

Bring the power of visual collaboration right into your Zoom meetings with the forthcoming MURAL Zoom App

Today, we’re excited to share that MURAL will integrate with Zoom as part of their new integrated apps. The MURAL for Zoom application will bring visual collaboration right inside of Zoom, making meetings more productive and engaging, while improving alignment and clarity across teams.

The MURAL Zoom App is coming soon. Sign up for the early access waitlist.

Read on to find out why this new integration is so exciting — and get a preview of how the integration will work.

The year of Zoom

2020 has seen Zoom become a standard-bearer for remote work and video communication. Nowhere is this more obvious than “Zoom” becoming synonymous with video chat.

Yet even with the help of Zoom, many remote work challenges remain. Working at home, you’re more likely to (try to) multitask, get distracted, or just check out. Back-to-back meetings can be exhausting, too, leading to low engagement, miscommunication, lack of clarity, difficulty getting buy-in, and less excitement from participants. The result is missed opportunities: voices aren’t heard, new ideas are never explored, and less work is accomplished. Imagination work doesn’t stand a chance.

Imagine a new way to collaborate remotely

What if you could reignite innovation remotely? Make meetings more engaging? Make visual space for all voices? Increase alignment among and across teams?

MURAL has been reimagining what digital-first collaboration looks like for nearly a decade. As our CEO, Mariano Suarez-Battan, recently shared, “Today, when people think ‘remote,’ they think video calls, chat, and email. Something’s missing — and it’s imagination. When you connect and collaborate visually, you create new possibilities. You combine ideas, concepts, and pictures in new ways. You play. You explore. Free to imagine, you take what’s inside your head and put it out into the world. Getting ideas into a visual space allows you to shape those ideas.”

MURAL is known for making remote meeting facilitation easier and more impactful. Now, we’re bringing visual collaboration into the Zoom app. The forthcoming MURAL Zoom App will make Zoom meetings more productive by: 

  • Improving engagement from all meeting attendees 
  • Driving alignment and clarity across your team
  • Helping teams uncover and prioritize new insights

… And it’ll all happen whether you’re meeting with your immediate team or facilitating a workshop with a large group.

The MURAL Zoom App unlocks a dead simple way to increase collaboration and engagement in Zoom meetings across a variety of roles and functions such as: 

  • Agile teams can ensure the entire group is participating in planning sections and spend more time debating instead of simply sharing ideas.
  • Consultants can get real time interaction and feedback from clients when running a workshop. 
  • Sales teams can run interactive discovery and business development sessions with prospects. 
  • UX designers can lead design reviews with a larger, more diverse set of stakeholders.  

If your distributed team would benefit from having a shared space for visual collaboration (you know, like a team meeting room — whiteboard, walls, and all), then the MURAL Zoom App is just what you need.

Everyone can collaborate with the MURAL Zoom App

Take a look at this preview of the MURAL Zoom App in action:

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you’re assembling your team to run a retrospective, design sprint, brainstorming session ... or just a regular team meeting. During your scheduled Zoom call, you (the facilitator) will simply share your mural on the screen and leverage the full suite of collaboration and guided teamwork tools to engage meeting participants in real time, including Facilitation Superpowers and visual templates and frameworks.

Meanwhile, your attendees can easily access the tools they need to collaborate visually in real time with the MURAL Zoom App. Through the MURAL collaboration window inside of Zoom, all meeting participants can join in the visual collaboration by adding ideas and feedback via sticky notes to specific parts of the mural.

Anyone can participate, regardless of whether they have a MURAL membership.

Using guided visual methods to focus the collaborative work, the facilitator can accelerate the imagination of the team to uncover new solutions, align the team, and create a plan of action in real time. The mural is a living document, available for asynchronous collaboration or reference from the web, iOS, Windows, and Android.

To learn more about the MURAL Zoom App, check out our Zoom integrations page, where you can sign up for our early access waitlist and be the first to find out when the integration goes live.