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A community of successful teams across industry-leading organizations

Deep expertise across industries

Our talented customer experience team has deep expertise in scaling visual collaboration

Top industries benefiting from MURAL

Financial Services

MURAL helps global financial teams to strategize and plan for the future.

Define priorities

Map customer needs

Uncover patterns in data


MURAL enables world-renowned tech companies to drive innovation at scale.

Identify user insights

Plan a roadmap

Evaluate processes


MURAL allows top consulting firms to connect with clients in more impactful ways.

Enable creative facilitation

Avoid scheduling delays

Maintain a digital record

MURAL for good


MURAL makes it easy to embrace virtual learning and teaching.

Curate trainings

Utilize proven methods

Drive continuous collaboration


MURAL transforms the way teams work and accomplish a mission.

Foster creativity

Collaborate with stakeholders

Make decisions faster

How teams use MURAL

Think and collaborate visually to solve important problems.

Brainstorming & Ideation

Bring the creativity of whiteboarding sessions to life

Remote Collaboration

Improve productivity while working remotely with a team

Strategy & Planning

Articulate a strategy and align on a plan

Meetings & Workshops

Facilitate working sessions with diverse participants

Client Engagements

Interact remotely to align and manage expectations

Research & Design

Organize data and conduct synthesis

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