Lead productive meetings and workshops

Introducing MURAL's Facilitation Superpowers


Drive better outcomes when you:

Reduce Planning Time

Run efficient workshops and exercises with less effort.

Optimize Engagement

Keep everyone's attention focused on what matters.

Maintain Momentum

Save, share, and scale your work beyond the session.

Quickly Capture Ideas

Notes and diagrams are instantly saved.

Frame in Real Time

Use templates and frameworks to organize ideas.

Stay on Time

Always start and end your session or exercise on time.

Surface What Matters

Bring forward promising ideas with anonymous voting.

Skip Transcribing

Never transcribe physical stickies again.

Eliminate Restrictions

Work on your session's outcomes from anywhere.

As a design facilitator, having an easy-to-use tool my teams can collaborate, think, and learn together in is a huge relief. Almost every team I work with on MURAL converts to using it.

Hadassah Damien
Design Strategist & Facilitator

Control the (virtual) room

Running in-person meetings and workshops is hard – running them with distributed and remote participants is even harder. We’ve got you covered with powerful and convenient tools to make your job easier.

Spend less time planning

Access over 100 frameworks and templates with your MURAL membership. Search by category to pull up a template for your next session. Create a new mural from a template and design your own framework with customized instructions.

Choose the right template for your meeting or workshop goals:

Mind map a process

Run a client discovery session

Plan a service design workshop

Facilitate design sprints

Map customer journeys

Evaluate a plan

Debrief after an event

Brainstorm a new brand strategy

Get stakeholders up to speed

Use guided instructions to ease the burden of introducing new tools to others. Write instructions onto your template so that your attendees know exactly what to expect.

Step-by-step instructions

Recommended timeframe for each session

Structured outlines to guide participants

Icebreakers to spark engagement

Stay focused and on schedule

As a facilitator, it’s crucial to your success to maintain order and drive forward progress. We’re building a portfolio of tools that give you the ability to control the flow.

Set timers for activities during your session, so that you stay on schedule

Summon others to follow you as you move around the mural, so that no one gets lost

Hide sections of the mural from participants, and reveal them when you're ready so that no one jumps ahead

Lock content that you don't want participants moving, so that you maintain order

Prevent attendees who are not facilitators from being able to unlock elements, so that you're the one in control

Invite others to anonymously vote on ideas, so that everyone has a voice

Link your outline to specific areas of the mural, so that the process is documented

Identify content authors, so that you can track contributions from team members

Assign facilitation permissions to others

Celebrate positive moments with confetti

Encourage visitors to add their names

Add key elements to your content library

Keep the momentum going

All content in your mural is immediately saved as it’s created. At any point in the process, you have the option to export specific content or the entire mural. Share content to JIRA and GitHub. Save your entire mural as a PDF or PNG. Easily document your work so you can focus on keeping your momentum moving forward.

More time, less money:

Reinvest in Your Team

Reinvest the thousands of dollars you save on travel costs with remote meetings and workshops and put them toward building your team’s expertise.

Scale Meetings Without Additional Cost

Invite as many people as you need with no-cost temporary access for workshop attendees and external guests.

Eliminate Distractions

Set timers for activities, hide and reveal sections of your work area, and give everyone an easy way to contribute without distracting others.

Reduce Tech Overwhelm

Share text and images, make comments, track version control, and run a variety of design thinking activities without switching from tool to tool.

Stop Taking Pictures of Whiteboards

Permanently eliminate “transcribe sticky notes” from your workflow. After a session is over, send a link to everyone with a record of your session output.

Space Nearly as Infinite as Your Ideas

Murals can be extended when you run out of room. When you stick a sticky, it stays there as long as you need it. Drag and drop to move it in seconds.

Start with a template

Log in now or start your 30-day free trial of MURAL and get access to a suite of templates designed by expert facilitators for expert facilitators-in-the-making.

Etch Sprints
Voltage Control

Make faster decisions and find direction quickly.

With creative and critical thinking sessions, it’s easy to get lost, lose focus and fall into the trap of having useless, open-ended, unstructured discussions. Use this template any time you have a group of people who need to make decisions, solve problems or discuss challenges.

AJ&Smart created this exercise, inspired by the core principles of the design sprint, to replace unstructured discussion with a clear process.


Align your team on priorities before starting your next project

Teams often lack alignment, both in terms of having a shared understanding of their current situation, and also making sure that they’re pointed in the right direction. Use this template to solicit opinions across a team in order to identify themes and transform them into a shared plan of action.

LUMA Institute developed this recipe to help teams create alignment and co-create a roadmap for their work that they can rally behind.


Establish agreements and norms to increase your team's performance.

There is no secret recipe for high-performing teams, but establishing agreements and norms for how you work together will optimize your team for better results. Use this template to facilitate a conversation with your team around how you want to work and what you expect from one another.

XPLANE created this worksheet to provide teams a guide for establishing agreements on how they will work together.


Kick-off your meeting with a fun, engaging activity.

When a team is genuinely relaxed and comfortable, they can unlock their true potential and do their best work. Use this template any time you want to break the ice before a meeting or workshop so you can continue on to a productive session.

Etch Sprints created this icebreaker activity as a fun, engaging way to kick off any meeting, especially with remote participants.


Bring your team together to build more, faster.

You don’t always have the time or resources to conduct a full design sprint, but you do want to prototype and test your concept before fully building it. Use this template to fly through your next prototyping phase and test more efficiently - whether you're in a design sprint or not.

Voltage Control
developed this collaborative prototyping process to unleash the entire team when you need to build a prototype quickly.

The Definitive Guide to Facilitating Remote Workshops

Insights, tools and case studies from digital-first companies and expert facilitators

Our mission at MURAL is to inspire, enhance, and connect Imagination Workers globally. We believe that innovation, change, can happen anywhere, as long as great minds can be connected and collaborate towards a common goal. So here is our contribution to accelerate your transformation and your organization’s.


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