Template courtesy of our friends at:

Template courtesy of our friends at:

Five Building Blocks of Visual Collaboration

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Use this template as your collaboration space for a new - and more - visual way of working. Think of an important meeting, workshop or training. One where the stakes are high or one that you deliver often. On your own or in a team, work with each building block and discover how visual collaboration creates clarity and engagement in not only your design process, but also in the meeting, workshop and training you are to deliver. This way of working will help you reach better results faster, in a much more intuitive and fun way.


5 Building Blocks of Visual Collaboration (MURAL Webinar)
Download a free copy of the 5 Building Blocks visual tools (Bigger Picture)
Learn more about using this template at Bigger Picture Academy (Bigger Picture)

by Bigger Picture

Bigger Picture is a Copenhagen-based strategy and learning agency founded in 2003. We assist organizations such as MAERSK, IKEA, Red Cross, Technical University of Denmark and the UN in cultivating a more visual way of working.

Partnering with us leaders, managers, educators and students learn how to facilitate, strategize and draw (again). Our approach is found in the book Visual Collaboration and taught online at Bigger Picture Academy.

Bigger Picture

Bigger Picture helps leaders, teams and organizations reach better results and faster through visual collaboration.

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