Template courtesy of our friends at:

Template courtesy of our friends at:


We live in a service-based economy, yet most organizations fail to provide satisfying services. Good service design remains elusive for many providers.

Creating blueprints - visual maps of the service and all of its touchpoints - lets teams visualize the service, gain a more holistic perspective and better understand all of the moving parts.

This service blueprint template is ready to be duplicated and used in your own projects so you can start taking action right away.

Watch this video to see exactly how to use the template:

EXAMPLE TEMPLATE: Start from a mural with detailed instructions

BLANK TEMPLATE: Start from a blank blueprint

FILLED-OUT EXAMPLE MURAL: View a completed blueprint

by Erik Flowers

Erik Flowers knows service blueprints. As a Principal Experience Designer at Intuit, Erik creates a lot of blueprints. He is a well-known and respected service designer and head of the Practical Service Design community.