Template courtesy of our friends at:

Template courtesy of our friends at:

The Official Remote Design Sprint Template

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Solve big problems, test big ideas with your customers, and get immediate feedback, even remotely, in just 5 days.

Originally developed by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky at Google Ventures, the Design Sprint was created to quickly find solutions to critical business problems or create new products and services. It ensures that team members are all on the same page, resolves conflicts, and is a great way to kickstart an important innovation project.

Design Sprint facilitation expert Steph Cruchon (Design Sprint Ltd) created this template, which follows the original 5-day Design Sprint process, to allow remote teams to run design sprints successfully and with the same outcomes as in-person sprints.

This template has been created in collaboration with the creators of the design sprint at GV and authors of the book, Sprint — Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky, as well as Jackie Colburn, an expert facilitator.

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VIEW COMPLETED EXAMPLE: View a completed mural from the Design Sprint masterclass in October 2020

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Deep Dive (video): Remote Design Sprints: Jake Knapp and friends whiteboard demo!!
The Remote Design Sprint Guide

by Design Sprint Ltd

Design Sprint Ltd are pioneers of Design Sprints in Europe and creators of the Design Sprint Quarter innovation strategy. They help startups and companies to rethink their working habits and turn their promising ideas into products and services.