Template courtesy of our friends at:

Template courtesy of our friends at:

Thoughtful Execution Tree

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Thoughtful Execution is not a formal process, but rather a reminder of the necessary steps in order to develop products in a more detailed and structured way. It leaves freedom for teams to decide which methods and tools to use for tackling each step of the journey.

These steps are presented in a tree structure, which encourages you to follow them in order either asynchronously as a framework for collaboration, or as a way of presenting your process. This approach leads to going wide in problem identification and hypothesis creation before zooming into a single solution. Typically, it's easiest to start at the top and work down from there.

Annina Koskinen (Principal Product Designer at Spotify) created this framework that guides teams through a process that leads them to go wide in problem identification and hypothesis creation before zooming into a single solution. Ryan Smith (Product Designer at Spotify) took the framework and translated it into this template to help teams collaborate and present their process.

This template offers a little extra in the form of an overview of an optional hypothesis generation workshop — the details of running a session are included in the mural's outline. Find out more about the framework’s origin and how it’s used by the Spotify Design team in the tool explainer article.

Please share your finished Thoughtful Execution Tree with us on Twitter @SpotifyDesign and @MURAL, we love seeing them in action.

EXAMPLE TEMPLATE: View a completed Thoughtful Execution Tree

BLANK TEMPLATE: Start from a blank Thoughtful Execution Tree


From Gut to Plan: The Thoughtful Execution Framework (Spotify Design)

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