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Moves The Needle uniquely blends the best of agile, human-centered design, and rapid experimentation to empower people to move fast, act bold, and drive impact.

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Moves The Needle ignites entrepreneurial spirit in organizations to drive growth. Evolving from founder Brant Cooper’s NYT Bestseller, The Lean Entrepreneur, and 6 years of working in the trenches with 60+ large enterprises, our system acts like an engine to cut through uncertainty to improve internal processes, ramp commercialization, and create new solutions.

The world's most impactful companies trust Moves The Needle, to build and scale this mindset across their organizations to deliver value.

What people are saying about them

Compared to other proliferators of Lean Innovation Methods, Moves the Needle runs an intense, 10% theory and 90% learning through doing program. Highly recommend MTN to any enterprise that feels projects get stuck, burn cash, and don’t deliver results (i.e., every enterprise).

Brian Daly
Director of Strategic Investments

Having used Lean Innovation to drive successful business outcomes, I can’t imagine going back to the old way. Specifically getting empathy, feeling the pain of our customers, rapidly experimenting to test assumptions to develop new solutions and business models, and cultivating a customer-centric, learning mindset in our highly regulated environment has been a game changer.

Stephen Ranjan
Vice President, New Product Development

Customer-centric, customer-obsessed, customer-driven are easy words to say, but surprisingly difficult to do. These workshops from Moves The Needle helped turn these words into actual behaviors for our team. It will be a game-changer for us.

Piritta Van Rijn
Chief Product Officer

We used lean innovation to shift away from large interventions, and toward faster ways to change the customer experience. Now we have a framework for building discipline into the way we experiment.

Geeta Wilson
VP, Consumer Experience

Moves The Needle